My research interest spans plant species and vegetation science, plant-herbivore interactions, people, nature and livelihoods, and sustainable agro-ecological practices in West Africa. I use a combination field work, common garden experiment, on-farm participatory research, and data synthesis to provide insights into contemporary sustainable development issues in West Africa.

Research Goals

  1. To understand how West African vegetation and plant species are responding to climate change and associated changes in disturbance factors.
  2. To improve understanding of stakeholder’s knowledge and perceptions of natural resource use and conservation across West Africa.
  3. To investigate and promote innovative agro-ecological practices and technologies that enhances productivity, biodiversity conservation and maintenance of ecosystem services in agricultural lands.

Research Themes

  1. Climate change-land use change impacts on tropical biomes
  2. Vegetation dynamics across the forest – savanna transition of West Africa
  3. Roles of plant – herbivore interactions on vegetation dynamics in West Africa
  4. Conservation of nature, ecosystem services and biodiversity in agricultural lands

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