I am interested in postgraduate studies abroad, how do I start?

I am fortunate enough to have been able to pursue postgraduate studies in the Netherlands (Wageningen University, MSc Forest and Nature Conservation) and China (XTBG, PhD Ecology). Both studies were funded by prestigious scholarship schemes (Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Scheme and the Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme). As I can remember, the process of applying and obtaining the scholarships were quite tedious. I remember, back then, most of my classmates were aware and interested in applying for postgraduate studies. However, since I returned to teach at KNUST, I feel less of our graduating students even envision pursuing further studies, let alone be aware of the existing funding opportunities. Here, I explain and provide some information that can be useful for getting started with applying for postgraduate studies and looking for scholarship to fund such a study.

BTW, I spent 3 unsuccessful years applying and chasing after scholarships! So don’t expect an easy ride. However, if you persist you may get an opportunity!

Please check here for the steps to take (in PDF Format)

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