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Plant Ecology & Conservation

A nature-based exploration of West Africa

A nature-based exploration of West Africa



How do plants adapt to disturbance (such as fire, herbivory, and drought) across tropical plant communities (forest, savanna, grasslands)?


Interested in courses in Range Plant Communities, Range Management, and Environmental Sustainability?


Through their evolution, plants have developed diverse strategies for growth and survival that can teach us many useful life lessons.


How can students make the best use of their time during and immediately after graduating from tertiary education?
Your goals should be big enough to keep you excited and awake. Your goals should be forward looking, inspiring, and in line with your passion.
Mohammed Armani


How to write a winning Statement of Purpose/Motivation

By Mohammed Armani & Emmanuel Oduro Takyi (PhD Student, Yale University, The SOP/SOM is often one of the most difficult tasks when compiling your application documents for international postgraduate studies. The difficulty in...

Crinum ornatum: Love at first sight!

It was love at first sight indeed! On my walk this morning, I chanced upon this beautiful muddy patch with numerous Crinum ornatum (Family = Amaryllidaceae). I had no idea what plant it was. I was just attracted to their super bright white flowers with broad pink...

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